A few weeks ago, we finished class #5, Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Luckily, this was another class just with GW students, so we could have class in our dorm when there were hartals (in the 2 weeks of this …

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Last night we were afforded the opportunity to attend one of our classmate’s wedding. Well, one of the wedding ceremonies anyway. Apparently weddings here last 4 or more days and each day is a different type of ceremony or reception. …

Ket says:
Pretty neat. It’s awesome that you got to experience part of another... more
Mom says:
You look Beautiful! Love all of the colors of your prom dresses…and a... more

4th time is the charm, right? After 3 attempts at getting out of Dhaka and visiting the tea gardens of Srimangal, it finally became a reality. And the best part of all, I FINALLY GOT TO RIDE A TRAIN!!!!!!! (I’ve …

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Disclaimer: I didn’t actually see Mt. Everest. Well, I might have, from the plane. We saw lots of mountains from the plane, their peaks just above the clouds. I tell myself one of them was Mt. Everest, though I can’t …

Corey Luthringer says:
Awesome! Nepal it is then! Now, we just have to figure out if we’re going... more
Garrett says:
Nepal is very high up on our list already, and may have just gotten a bump due... more