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Call the CDC, There’s Been an Outbreak!

Of Hartal-itis. An outbreak of hartal-itis has been identified by an independent source as affecting an unknown number of foreigners currently living in Dhaka. The outbreak has been confirmed among 12 American students from GW living in Niketon. More confirmations …

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An In-Depth Interview with Myself

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about ethics – informed consent was ensured from the participant, AKA me. You haven’t written in awhile. What’s up? Nothing is up. Nothing interesting or positive is up anyway. The past few weeks have basically …

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Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe should really come hang out in Bangladesh – he’d have a never ending supply of dirty jobs to talk about! Here are a few that I’ve seen over the past few days: 1. Sewer Cleaner As you all …

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