Because When Will We Have The Chance To Do THAT Again?

Last night we were afforded the opportunity to attend one of our classmate’s wedding. Well, one of the wedding ceremonies anyway. Apparently weddings here last 4 or more days and each day is a different type of ceremony or reception.

Last night’s was the final reception where people show up, take more pictures than I thought was possible, eat dinner, take more pictures, and then go home. Seems simple, but our evening was a bit complicated…

It started at the salon down the street where we got all dressed up in saris. I’ve never been one to enjoy dressing up, but this was actually really fun. Sort of felt like Bangladeshi prom. Let me also remind you that here in Bangladesh, showing your knees is WAY too sexy, but showing large portions of your midsection and wearing a very tight fitting belly shirt in a sari is no problem.

aupiwedding 016

Me in my sari!

aupiwedding 023

Sari wrapping party at Glamour Salon

Then we piled into the van and snaked our way through traffic to the Pryanka Center in Dhanmondi, where we were ushered to sit in a room for the “BRAC Wedding.” The rest of our class wasn’t there yet, but we figured they just got stuck in traffic. Everyone started getting really excited when the bride and groom arrived, except us. Because it wasn’t the right bride and groom. We accidently crashed a Bangladeshi wedding. Hoping we weren’t seen (though that’s kind of impossible when you are a group of 10 obvious foreigners wearing saris), we snuck out the back, basically on video camera the whole time. Ooops.

aupiwedding 031

Putting on our best “Ooops, sorry we crashed your wedding!” faces.

After much deliberation and passing around phones, we finally realized (and our limited English-speaking driver understood) that we were all told the wrong address. There was a BRAC staff wedding at the Pryanka Center in Dhanmondi, but there was also a BRAC student wedding at the Pryanka Center in Mohammadpur (about 5km away, in more traffic). And not only were we told the wrong place, but the entire caravan of classmates were all given the wrong address.

We finally made it though! And we did exactly what we were supposed to do – took a million pictures, then ate a delicious dinner (fancy rice, really tasty chicken and mutton, veggies, and a dessert rice with honey/syrup baby doughnut holes that were WAY too sweet), then took a million more pictures, and then went home!

aupiwedding 055

The group of classmates surrounding Aupi and Trina, the groom (in our class) and bride.

aupiwedding 066

The girls with the bride and groom.


And the boys with the bride and groom. See, it’s exactly like an awkward prom – gotta keep the separation!

Congratulations Aupi and Trina! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

aupiwedding 058

Here are some other gems I captured throughout the night of our classmates!

aupiwedding 062 aupiwedding 076 aupiwedding 101 aupiwedding 053 aupiwedding 050 aupiwedding 046

PS – Completely unrelated, but this past week was the first week since mid-January where we had ZERO hartals. Yes, you read that right, ZERO! Yay for Bangladesh!

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2 Responses to Because When Will We Have The Chance To Do THAT Again?

  1. Mom says:

    You look Beautiful! Love all of the colors of your prom dresses…and a perfect reason for playing dress up!

  2. Ket says:

    Pretty neat. It’s awesome that you got to experience part of another cultures wedding traditions without actually having to marry anyone.

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