Environmental and Occupational Health

A few weeks ago, we finished class #5, Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Luckily, this was another class just with GW students, so we could have class in our dorm when there were hartals (in the 2 weeks of this course, there have been 6 hartals. There was also a huge march to Dhaka to protest Shahbagh, among other things, from April 5-7, which included lots of violence and a protest of around 1.2 million people.)

Our final projects for EOH were short videos highlighting environmental and/or occupational health issues in Bangladesh. I’ve put a few of them below so you all can enjoy and learn a bit more yourselves!

My Video: Street Vendors – The Link to Safer Street Food

Gaby’s Video: Traffic Emissions – Choking Dhaka Street Vendors

Lizzie’s Video: Handwashing in Rural Bangladesh

  Sarah’s Video: Electric Bangladesh

Randi’s Video: Waste Pickers in Bangladesh

Krista’s Video: Water Challenges in Dhaka’s Slums

Karyn’s Video: Waste Management and Health

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